The new city that will be born next to NorteShopping

One year after reporting that it paid 30 million euros to Sonae Capital to stay with Prédios Privados, Grandavenue 72 now unveils the real estate project that it intends to develop in the so-called Efanor subdivision: until 2025, the company led by Pedro Couto, from Telhabel – which also includes investors Gonzalo Alvargonzalez Figaredo (Spanish) and Daniel Klein (Swiss) wants to build a city there, inside the city of Matosinhos. To do so, he commits to invest 250 million euros in all.

This new project of 105,000 square meters (m2) – which contemplates 10 buildings, in which 60% of the area will be directed to the residential segment with 400 apartments and 40% to the tertiary sector, and the construction of a hotel unit is also planned – aims to use an extensive abandoned area, located next to NorteShopping, where the late leader of Sonae, Belmiro de Azevedo, even conceived a real estate complex that was frozen in the crisis the one that designates the first Edge City

What is called the first Edge City in Portugal “is certainly the largest real estate project underway in the North and perhaps in the country and we want the Efanor Gardens to be a privileged space for coliving and coworking, following the new trends of urbanism, as a modern space with access to all sorts of skills, from residence, work, health, shopping, education, hypermarket,” says Pedro Barros Rolo, partner of Invest&Co, the company responsible for coordinating the project.



Half of the Delfim Pereira da Costa Building is already reserved

The mega project Jardins Efanor, according to this company in a press release, is in the pre-sale phase, with 50% of the properties already reserved. By the end of the first quarter of 2020, more than 60 apartments will be available, both 3 and 4 bedrooms.

These first 62 apartments, as the idealist/newsletter advanced in August, correspond to the Delfim Pereira da Costa Building, which started at the end of 2009 and was part of the Efanor residential condominium – a Sonae project that foresaw the construction of 700 fractions but was unfinished due to the crisis.


In addition to maintaining the designation – given in honor of the founding entrepreneur of Empresa Fabril do Norte (Efanor), which Telhabel decided to maintain – the Delfim Pereira da Costa Building also maintains the architectural project by Alcino Soutinho, who died on November 24, 2013.

The building, with a floor and four floors, with four independent entrances, now has “several housing proposals”. “Since the T0, T2, T3 – with areas of 156 m2 (example of fraction on floor 3, block B) – and T4 – with 196 m2 (floor 3, block A) – some with a micro-office, or in duplex, with swimming pool and terrace, on the roof”, highlights the current brochure.

The prices of the fractions range from 476 thousand euros, in the case of T3, and 599 thousand euros, in the case of T4, with average prices of about 3,000 euros per m2 (300,000 euros per 100 m2).