The city of Belmiro de Azevedo grows back in the old Efanor

It presents itself as the largest real estate project in the North of the country. It is 105,000 square meters of gross above-ground construction area, plus 50,000 square meters of gardens, ready to absorb a $250 million Grand Avenue investment by 2025. The goal is to give “a new life” to the city that entrepreneur Belmiro de Azevedo (1938-2017) designed for the grounds of Efanor, the factory that marked his debut in the world of work, before taking over the leadership of Sonae, and gave name to the holding company of the Azevedo family.

“We are going to develop a mix-use project, with about eight buildings for housing, offices, hotel, senior and student residences, co-living/co-working”, says to Expresso Pedro Couto, director of Telhabel and one of the partners of the company that bought Sonae’s historical assets a year ago, for EUR 30 million”.

Expresso Online – Jardins Efanor