In the heart of Matosinhos and in a few minutes from Porto city centre rises JARDINS EFANOR project with a focus of bringing an holistic mindset of working, living in the same environment, structured to the different age stages, with the peacefulness granted by the 28.000m2 of private garden and the accessibilities to the main cities.

The project JARDINS EFANOR was initiated with the objective of becoming purely residential. However, the new vision intends to bring a group of buildings targeting not only residential but also other uses such as commercial and services that will become complementary to those already available in the neighbourhood.

In the residential area this is a highly unique urban project, with signature architecture and developed to provide its inhabitants with an exclusive experience of comfort, safety and exclusivity.

The 50.000m2 of private condominium will support visually the 105.000m2 of construction area but will be for private used of the residential and the services that are align with the vision of serenity and welfare in the enjoyment of our house and your garden