JARDINS EFANOR is the largest real estate development being built in the North of Portugal, sustained in a exclusive residential condominium, where build­ings organise new condominium spaces for those seeking to live or work in an exceptionally landscaped scenery.

Living in a private garden and the freedom of looking at over 50.000 m2 of condominium are the value added of the res­idential area at JARDINS EFANOR that allows you to walk, play, reflect and dream.


The JARDINS EFANOR development is located on the grounds of the former Efanor factory – Empresa Fabril do Norte – one of the largest textile factories ever to have existed in Portugal, with three thousand employees.

Efanor or the so-called “Reel Factory” was founded by the entrepreneur Delfim Pereira da Costa, name that identifies the first building of the project, who had the idea of launching a factory to produce cotton thread reels for sewing and embroidery. Brands such as “An­go­la”, “Porto”, “Relógio” and “D. Afonso Hen­riques” were nationwide renowned in their day.
The entrepreneur and innovative background was always connected to JARDINS EFANOR location. The “Reel Factory” was the first in­dus­trial unit to have electricity in Portugal and it was the location of the first job of businessman Belmiro de Azevedo, whose journey took him to the development of SONAE as it is known today.

In 1953, Efanor donated 5.900 m2 of land to the construction of the Church of Senhora da Hora, and would have turned 100 years old in 2007 but for synthetic fibres, which made cotton obsolete, was closed down in 1994, owned by the SONAE group at the time. From Efanor remains presently a large emblematic chimney ruin and the history and memories from the people that worked and lived there.