“The landscaping project also aims to configure a space in which residents and guests can socialise, meet and coexist, in contact with nature, while simultaneously setting aside complementary secluded subspaces that can be enjoyed in states of greater tranquillity and contemplation.”


When developing the project, award-winning architect Alcino Soutinho decided to surround the first building in the private condominium JARDINS EFANOR with: space to enjoy the gardens, free space to walk, run, play, live, reflect and dream.
In 2019, his daughter, renown architect Andrea Soutinho, was invited to resume and update the project she had developed with her father in 2007. This building is marked by the unusual luxury of a large green space: the inspiration for a full, balanced, sustainable and contemporary life.
Designed by a remarkable man, a professor and author of a diverse set of buildings, recognised as one of the great architects in Portugal, the Delfim Pereira da Costa building, as it is now known, has a contemporary design characterised by large living areas and balconies overlooking extensive gardens, making the most of natural lighting and moments of full contact with nature and outdoor living.