A €250 million city is being born between Porto and Matosinhos.

A huge balcony from where you can see your children playing in the park, the school a few meters away and the job across the street. All life in a neighborhood that the architects call edge city, a concept that involves homes with schools, stores, offices, and hospitals in the neighborhood. A city within the city. The first of these edge cities is being built in Senhora da Hora, in Matosinhos, in a 250 million euro investment, on a ll hectare site, where two hectares are a green park facing the apartment balconies.
Senhora da Hora is an urban center that has always been on the outskirts of Porto and Matosinhos and never had a consistent urbanization plan that allowed for an overall vision,” says architect Andrea Soutinho, who, with her father, the late architect Aleino Soutinho, designed part of Efanor’s urban recovery. A project that began in 2007, when the old line cart factory in Matosinhos was demolished and a condominium was designed for the site.
A luxury condominium with 700 apartments, two hotels, an office building, a business school, and a college were designed for the site.

A five-star hotel After 13 years, the project that initially belonged to Sonae and was sold to Grandavenue for €30 million, is being developed by Invest & Co, a company that reformulated the project and has already completed the first block. The new project now foresees 10 buildings, in which 60% of the area will be allocated to the residential segment – 400 apartments – and the remaining 40% will be for commerce and services.

The construction of a hotel unit is also planned for the area, which will occupy an abandoned lot next to NorteShopping. The Efanor Gardens are one of the largest real estate projects in the country. “They take advantage of the vision of the whole, designed with the new trends of urbanism in mind, with access to all kinds of
mo, with access to all kinds of facilities, from residence, work, health, commerce or education. What makes them an edge city”, explains Andrea Soutinho. The investment results from one of the shareholders of the Portuguese construction company Telhabel, associated with Spanish and Swiss capital. “The plan will allow the recovery of a suburban area, next to Porto, which will solve constraints with the growth of the parish, the reorganization of traffic and making life healthier for thousands of people,” points Andrea Soutinho. With a new centrality in Matosinhos, good accessi-
With a new centrality in Matosinhos, good accessibility and proximity to services and schools, “is an urban concept, thought in the surroundings, with generous green areas and intended for families,” she adds. As for the bet on green spaces, which are increasingly necessary due to the pandemic, Sandro Mota Oliveira, executive director of Invest & Co., says that “we have seen a high demand for outdoor spaces”.

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